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Welcome to
Trimitra Cikarang Website

PT. TRIMITRA CIKARANG is a company spesializing in manufacturing stretch film /stretch wrap/pallet wrap -products. Our advanced “7 layer Film” machine offers you quality results with high precision and our lab is equipped with high-end Highlight Testing Machine and a Universal Testing machine to maintain the quality standards of our products.

Please browse our product page to learn more about our products and feel free to contact us.

Trimitra Cikarang
Our range of products


PALLET STRETCH FILM suitable for wrapping products that are meant to be stacked on wooden / plastic / carton pallet for easier transportation purposes, protection against rain and dust, minimizing damages, increasing work safety and faster loading/unloading time.


Ultimate Stretch is a newly innovated thin gauge stretch film. Due to its strong and thin structure, Ultimate Stretch is an optimized film with no pre-stretching system required. It is an ideal packaging solution ensuring stability of palletized


Super Stretch is our new brand product, which is a machine grade for high performance  power pre-stretch machine wrapping.